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WIN the "Write Me a Song, Mary!!" Contest!!

Congratulations to the very first winner, Carter!!
@britneyspears and @GossTV inspired me to hold a monthly contest and YOU could be
the next winner!! Just talk to me on Twitter and tell me why you should win
your own theme song!! Even if you don't win next month, you may be a future winner!!

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**the very first AMAZING find via twitter**

Michael Schmoyoho Gregory, you rock our socks off!!

Big thanks to Twitter user and my bff, @katmwalker, for leading me to this AMAZING video!!
<bgsound src="http://www.marypascoe.com/come-home/Come-Home-Mary-Pascoe.mp3">

//-** You are listening to a pre-released version of Come Home
the new single from Mary Pascoe's upcoming sophomore album, Unfettered **\\